Skills Development & Work Readiness

We believe the best kind of training is both fun and interactive, as well as tailored to the task (and student) at hand.

That’s why our bespoke multimedia training solutions are designed with your business in mind. We teach company owners of all levels the finer points of retail analytics, finance, and management; and we teach their employees how to maximise sales, connect with customers, and excel at everything else in between.

Many new business owners find there’s more to running a business than they initially thought. We know. We’ve been there ourselves. RDtraining is perfectly positioned to help your business perform that much better.

Retail Selling Skills

  • Approaching Customers
  • Suggesting Alternatives
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Resolving Complaints
  • Add-on Sales
  • Making a great Lasting Impression

Customer Service Reloaded

  • Assisting customers in a different language, Handling difficult situations

After Sales Service

  • Importance of After Sales Service, Returns Policy, Gift vouchers, Repairs
  • Warranties

Importance of Taking Responsibility

  • Understanding how important your job is, Definition and Understanding of taking Responsibility, Recognising the characteristics of responsible people.

Professional Telephone Skills

  • Developing specific telephone techniques and skills, Practicing good telephone Manners, Answering the telephone correctly, Dealing effectively with difficult customers over the phone, Maintaining a positive attitude when talking on the phone

Visual Merchandising

  • Maximising sales through the art and science of Visual Merchandising

Understanding your customer

  • Understanding, Identifying and Addressing customer’s needs

Customer Complaints

  • Importance of handling complaints efficiently and professionally, Listening effectively and managing conflict.

Time Management

  • What is Time Management? How Important is Time Management, Improving Time Management Skills

Communication Skills

  • Communicating Effectively, Effective Listening Skills, Good questioning skills, Providing Clear explanations

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