Entrepreneurial Development

We believe the best kind of training is both fun and interactive, as well as tailored to the task (and student) at hand.

That’s why our bespoke multimedia training solutions are designed with your business in mind. We teach company owners of all levels the finer points of retail analytics, finance, and management; and we teach their employees how to maximise sales, connect with customers, and excel at everything else in between.

Many new business owners find there’s more to running a business than they initially thought. We know. We’ve been there ourselves. RDtraining is perfectly positioned to help your business perform that much better.

Workshops (Interactive)

Start up

Business Plan
Product Planning


Job Profiles Store Managers
Assistant Managers and Sales Associates
Interview Guide and Assessments
Monthly Performance Management and staff reviews
Contractual guidance in compliance with Labour Legislation
Code of conduct


Introduction to Shop-fitters
Introduction to Point of Sale Supplier
Hierarchy build up for reporting purposes
Process & Procedure (Stock Management, HR Process & Procedure, Store Rules)
Audit documents of Admin and Ops procedures

Other entrepreneurial development services

Training (Theory)

  • Retail Analytics – what to analyse
  • Retail KPI’s – which KPI’s should be measured for trading success
  • Retail Ratios – what are the most important ratios and how do we calculate them

Finance Reloaded

  • Personal Finance and Business Finance
  • What is the objective of Business Finance
  • Understanding Top line sales
  • Understanding Expenses
  • Understanding Profit Margins

Finance for retail managers

  • Why is it important to understand financial management
  • Terminology used in financial management
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial KPI’s – how do we calculate and measure these KPI’s
  • Preparing a Personal Budget

People Management

  • Selection Process
  • Identifying Goals
  • Getting to know your team
  • Matching tasks to staff
  • Rewarding performance
  • Coaching

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